How To Negotiate A Job Promotion Offer

If you’re ready to move up in your company but are not sure how to negotiate a job promotion offer, begin by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and looking at what you have to offer your employer. During your negotiations for the job promotion, show not only your skills, but your dedication to your company’s mission. Focusing on both your personal job promotion goals and your employer’s needs will set you apart from the other candidates.

  1. Figure out what you have to offer. Before you begin to negotiate a job performance offer, look at what you have to give your company. Think about your skills, experiences, and plans to grow with your organization.
  2. Anticipate any questions your company might have about your performance or credentials. To prepare to negotiate your job promotion offer, think about concerns that may keep you from getting the job. Be prepared to spin these negatives and show that you have a good work ethic, strong skills and the qualifications to do the job.
  3. Show your accomplishments on the job. In your negotiations for a job promotion offer, provide examples of things you’ve done well in your current position. Think about ways that you’ve saved your company money, improved workflow, increased productivity,  and helped the company’s image.  
  4. Refer to your past performance reviews.  If you receive regular written performance reviews, retain copies and present them when you negotiate your job promotion offer.
  5. Demonstrate a willingness to grow with the company. When you negotiate a job promotion offer, indicate that you are willing to complete further training or degree programs in order to keep up with your industry’s changing technologies.
  6. Make counter offers. As part of the negotiation process, don’t be afraid to counter your employer’s offer to get the best salary and benefits in your job promotion.


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