How To Negotiate Low Car Payments On A Porsche

When you know how to negotiate low car payments on a Porsche, you may be able to add some more features on the car if your payment is less than you had planned. If you have a payment in mind before you settle on a particular model, by successfully negotiating with the dealer you may be able to upgrade to a more expensive model. There are certain times of the year when you can get a rebate or other incentive that will lower your purchase price. By waiting until these incentives to be offered, you will not have to haggle as much with the dealer to get the low payment you want.

  1. Make sure to do some research before you visit the Porsche dealer. Use a search engine to find a car valuation website. Be sure to put in all of the information you have available about the car you want to buy. If you want extra features, be specific so the valuation report is accurate.
  2. Take the report with you to the car dealership. You may need to refer to the report in order to negotiate low car payments on a Porsche. Find the car you want, and ask your salesperson to let you take a test drive.
  3. Find out if any rebates or incentives are being offered. There may also be low interest rates available, which will make it easier to get low car payments on a Porsche. Ask the salesperson if they know what rates are for the model you want to buy. They may not know, but that is not a problem since you will find out that information once you have settled on the purchase price for the car.
  4. If you decide the car is right for you, make an offer to buy. Your offer should be at or near the low end of the valuation report you found online. The salesperson will make a counteroffer, so to get the low car payments on a Porsche you will have to do a bit of haggling.
  5. Make one final offer, based on how much higher you are willing to pay. If you have done your homework, you should have an idea what the maximum payment is that you can afford. The salesperson will either accept your price, or make another counteroffer. When you have finally settled on the purchase price, the salesperson will take you to the dealership’s finance manager to set up the financing.
  6. The finance manager will take your loan application. Once you are approved, you can negotiate low car payments on a Porsche by working the finance manager for a lower interest rate. If the payment is already what you thought it would be, how hard you negotiate is up to you.
  7. Focus on the monthly payment and not the exact interest rate. For example, if you can afford to pay $500 per month, and the payment is $550, tell the finance manager you cannot afford to make the higher payment. In order to get low car payments on a Porsche, you will have to make the finance manager come down to your payment by dropping the interest rate.
  8. The finance manager will try and pitch you on all of the benefits of the car. They may also tell you their analysis of your credit and income shows the payment is affordable. If the finance manager is not willing to come down to your payment, either meet in the middle or accept their terms if you think that is the lowest they will go.
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