How To Negotiate With Reality TV Executives

You will have a better understanding of how to negotiate with Reality TV Executives after reading this manual. The process of Reality TV negotiations can be as intimidating as trying to sell an idea or show to a scripted TV Executive. It's important to remember one thing when dealing with any TV executive, you have something that they want or else you wouldn't be at the negotiating table.

At the turn of the millennium, the world of Reality TV  Executives was still analogous to the Wild West. The Guilds didn't know how to negotiate with studios and TV Executives weren't sure what to base their quotes on nor how to negotiate them, since there were no set paradigms. But now that the genre is established there are certain rules, that for the most part, can be followed when negotiating with TV Executives.

Here they are:

  1. Be confident at the negotiating table. Follow the old saying "act like you've been there before". Remember, as the seller, you have something that the TV Executives need: the product. So in essence, before negotiations begin, you are in a position of strength.
  2. Be confident and speak clearly and articulately. Reality TV Executives can't negotiate with you if they don't know what they are buying.
  3. Be sincere, professional and try to be personable. To any Reality TV Executive, relationships are essential. In other words, studios, networks and the other reality TV Executives want to work with people they can negotiate easily with and people who they know will deliver the project on time and on budget.
  4. Seek legal representation before signing anything. In fact it its a good idea to have a representation during all of your negotiations with the Reality TV Executives.
  5. While negotiating, don't over play your hand. You might think your idea is the best ever, but the Reality TV Executive has heard plenty and will hear plenty more. What that means to you is if you own the property that is being negotiated,  you are in a position of strength but not of power. It's better to establish a relationship with the Reality TV Executives, than it is to try and get rich the first time out.

Follow these guidelines and you should be well on your way.

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