How To Negotiate A Union Contract

If you want to be compensated and treated fairly at work, then you need to know how to negotiate a union contract. Most people treat their job as if it is going to be their last job ever; if employers sense your desperation, chances are the negotiation of your union contract is probably not going to be on your side. The fact is, it is also difficult for employers to find the right candidates. On one hand, you want to cherish your opportunity; on the other hand, you still need to retain your dignity. To negotiate a union contract that is fair for everyone should be your final goal.

  1. Consult with a union representation. You pay those union fees for a reason. If you are in a union, then you need to consult with your union representation on your contract. They are professionals at dealing with contracts, and they have resources and time to fight against any injustice.
  2. Money is important. Your salary is going to be one of the top issues when you negotiate a union contract. The question is, how can you negotiate effectively in a way that is fair for everyone? The answer is very simple, leverage. Often times, employers want you just as much as you want the job; you just don’t realize it . Find your leverage, and use it.
  3. Know who you are dealing with. You need to not only consider your position, but your opponents as well. Know their limits, and stay within that limit, provided that you still want the job. Use persuasion try to avoid making any ultimatums.
  4. Hire a professional. When you buy your house, you do not just buy it–you hire a home inspector to look over the house. So, why not hire a lawyer to look at your contract, if you have any doubts? Lawyers who deal with labor relations are especially effective in this situation. Plus, they can also give you advice and tips in negotiating a union contract.


Do not disclose your current salary, otherwise you might loose some leverage when you negotiate a union contract.

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