How To Never Miss A Shot In Wii Game Party

If you want to impress your friends, you may want to know how to never miss a shot in Wii Game Party. Note that this article pertains to only the first edition of the game, not Game Party 2 or Game Party 3. This game from Nintendo is a lot of fun for up to four people. You can play darts, table hockey, skill ball, hoop shoot, ping cup, shuffle board and trivia contests. But is there any surefire way to wow your friends? Here's a list of hints on how to get the most out of the game.

  1. Unlock bonus characters. A new character is unlocked for every 50 tickets, up to the 200 ticket level. Maybe what you really need to never miss a shot in Wii Game Party is the confidence you get by playing the coolest character. At least you'll look good trying!
  2. Get new implements. Earn 25 tickets in darts, cups, balls or pucks to unlock a new implement for that specific game. Maybe all you need to never miss a shot in Wii Game Party is the right equipment.
  3. Unlock new tables. Still haven't perfected your game? Maybe what you need is a change of venue. Earn 50 tickets in a game to unlock a new table for that game.
  4. Access new game versions. Maybe you haven't figured out how to avoid missing a shot in Wii Game Party because you haven't found the right game for you. It's just a matter of racking up the tickets! Get 75 tickets in darts for baseball darts, get 75 tickets in shuffleboard for curling, or get 25 tickets in trivia for lightning trivia.
  5. Practice. Still looking for a magic button to push so you never miss a shot in Wii Game Party? Sorry, but there isn't one. If all the ticket collecting you've done so far hasn't improved your game, keep trying. The only way to make all your shots in Wii Game Party is to keep practicing.

So keep on playing! Even if you never perfect your shot in Wii Game Party, remember, the real goal  isn't perfection, it's having fun with your family and friends. Good luck!

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