How Nonverbal Language Affects The Workplace

If you have ever seen a person lose his job because he gave his boss the bird, then you have had an experience with how nonverbal language affects the workplace. It does not always have to be something as offensive as giving the bird, but it is critical to know how you communicate with others through nonverbal language.

There are three types of communication: verbal, nonverbal and listening. Nonverbal language is the use of gestures, facial expressions and mannerisms to communicate with others. Since we are often unaware of the nonverbal cues we are giving off, it pays to take some time to learn more about this form of communication. This is especially important in the workplace.

When you ask a coworker the time and she shrugs and rolls her eyes, you know she is annoyed with you and your questions. We have the ability to recognize this nonverbal language subconsciously. This is why we cannot figure out what we dislike about this coworker, but we never invite her to happy hour after work.

Not only is it helpful to understand how to read nonverbal communication, but it is good to learn what you are giving off during your interactions in the workplace. Practice conversations ahead of time in the mirror before work. Also, ask a friend to pinch you when you are giving off negative vibes with your nonverbal language.

Pay close attention to your voice when communicating with others. If you scream every time you answer your boss, it is safe to say that you probably will not get that promotion. Also, do not whisper. It implies you are timid and lack confidence. Make sure your speaking is clear and articulate so that your verbal and nonverbal language is working for you.

Follow these steps and not only will you be able to read others accurately, but you will also have an advantage regarding how to respond in the workplace. This may very well lead to future career success in your workplace.


Helpguide: Nonverbal Communication Skills

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