How To Not Attract Gay Men

If you don't want gay guys hitting on you, follow these tips on how to not attract gay men. While having gay men attracted to you can be flattering, it can also be very annoying and embarrassing, so you need to know how to keep gay men from being attracted to you. Follow these tips on how to attract gay men and the gay guys won't even notice you.

  1. Be honest. If you are honest about your sexuality, you won't attract gay men. If you think a gay man is attracted to you or coming on to you, just be honest and say you only like women. Most gay men will respect your honesty.
  2. Flirt with women. Gay men won't be attracted to you if you are always flirting with women. This means you need to make an effort to flirt with women any chance you get. Flirting can include small things such as smiling or winking at women. To take flirting to the next level, you can make sexual comments to women or tell them they're hot.
  3. Be rude. A great way to not attract gay men is to be rude. Generally, women don't like rude men and men usually don't like rude men either. You don't have to be rude just to gay men for this to work. Being rude to anyone front of gay men should be enough to keep them from being attracted to you
  4. Don't take a shower for a few days. When you smell bad, gay men won't be attracted to you. Being dirty and smelling bad is a big turn off. Not only will gay guys not be attracted to you, they will probably stay far away from you if you haven't showered for a few days. However, if you do this, woman probably won't be attracted to you either.
  5. Dress like a slob. When you dress nice and look neat and tidy, you might attract gay men. When you dress horribly and look like a slob, you defiantly won't attract gay men. If you don't know how to dress like a slob, you can start by wearing clothes that are a size or two too big for you. Don't tuck in your shirt or wear a belt.
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