How Not To Be Nervous Around New Girlfriend

Need to know how not to be nervous around your new girlfriend? When we really like someone, we feel might intimidated. Any woman who can make you feel nervous, tense, or even anxious, must be quite an amazing woman. Being nervous around a new girlfriend that you’re attracted to isn’t necessarily a horrible thing. If she’s having this kind of effect on you she must be pretty special! Here are some ways to feel more comfortable, and relaxed around your new girlfriend.

  1. Confidence is extremely attractive and sexy trait to women. Let go of any insecurities, doubts or fears. Remember she chose you. Be self assured, and exude your best qualities. If you are fun, loving, or adventurous, show her that you will not disappoint her.
  2. Your nervousness might not be apprehension, but in fact excitement. If she is gorgeous, intelligent and charming, then these are good reasons why you might be excited around her. Your external emotions might be confusing how you are feeling internally. Do not let the wrong reaction take over what you are truly feeling.
  3. Do not worry about impressing her. Your attention should be focused on getting to know her. She is already your girlfriend, so relax because she is obviously interested. Just be yourself. In due time, she will see more of your best qualities. It was probably your wonderful personality that made her take interest from the start.
  4. Breathe, relax and enjoy her company. Have a great attitude, smile, laugh and loosen up. Remember she is human just like you and has her own flaws as well. Be true to who you are, don’t get caught up in uncomfortable or awkward moments. Just go with the flow and stay calm. She should be your friend as well as your girlfriend, so don’t let the girlfriend title scare you away. The more you get to know her, the more you will start to feel at ease around her.

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