How To Not Eat

if you need the sacred secret on how to not eat, here is how to do it. Whether you are fasting or dieting, there are several ways to avoid food. While you may find such a journey difficult, the good news is that it doesn't require a diet pill. Learn basic strategies you could implement into your daily routine to avoid indulging by reading the tips below.

  1. Examine your refrigerator. If you really want to know how not to eat, of coarse this is the most simple step to consider. Whether you have to put a lock on the cabinets or donate to food pantry, the goal is to get the food out of site, as this makes it easier not to indulge.
  2. Do things to keep your mind off of food. There's nothing harder than not eating when you have a plate of juicy food in front of you. So, plan dates with your friends, engage in community activities, and have fun! After all if you are at home all day doing nothing, your mind may wonder off into food paradise, and then you wont be able to stick to your not eating diet.
  3. Avoid food functions. This means that if you are meeting with a group of friends or planning a meeting, definitely avoid restaurants and other places that encourage eating. You don't want peer pressure to cause you to eat.
  4. Chew gum. Technically, since you don't swallow gum, you are not eating, and this can be helpful if you miss having something solid in your mouth. If you get bored with this, try buying different flavors, as gum comes in tons of flavors. 
  5. Drink tea and coffee. Coffee, especially black coffee, is not only an antioxidant, studies have also indicated that it suppresses the appetite. Tea can also be helpful in functioning the same way. For instance, green tea is especially good at burning fat. So if you really want to not eat, stalk up on tea and coffee.
  6. Have fresh fruit smoothies and juice as a food alternative. You want to not eat, so who says you can't have a nutritional home made natural refreshing beverage? Unless smoothies and juice are prohibited in your diet, don't be afraid to indulge in this delightful treat. The next time you are out, buy milk, strawberries, bananas, mango, apples, oranges, cantaloupe and other fresh fruits. Charge up your creative outlet, put your chef hat on, and start making smoothies and juice. After all, drinking doesn't fall into the category of not eating.
  7. Tell your friends you are not eating. That way they already know not to reconsider brunch and replace it with an alternative outing. You'll appreciate it in the end.
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