How Not To Feel Overwhelmed When Moving

When it is time to start packing, these few tips will show you how not to be overwhelmed when moving. Moving can be stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming. There is so much to do between your old home and the new one.

  1. Make a game plan. When you find out you're moving, sit down and make a plan of attack. List all the things that have to be done, what needs done first, and the most efficient way to get each task done.
  2. Pack each room separately. Packing each room separately and marking the boxes with the room they belong in and what is inside will make the move much easier. The boxes will be able to be carried into your new home and put in the right room from the start. This will remove the need to shuffle boxes time and time again.
  3. Clean out old items when you pack. Moving is a great time to clean those old clothes out of a closet that you never wear or that the kids have outgrown. Pack them up and have a yard sale, donate them, or take to a second-hand store for resale. The same holds true for home décor items that you don’t use anymore or old toys the kids don’t play with.
  4. Start with seasonal stuff. If you are moving in the dead of winter, start by packing up summer items. Summer clothes, toys, bikes, etc will not be missed during the winter. They can be packed up and ready to move without anyone missing a thing. If you are moving in the summer, the same would apply to winter coats, snowsuits, sleds, Christmas decorations, etc.
  5. Home décor items. Once all the seasonal items are packed move on to the home décor. Wall hangings and knick knacks along with other non-functional items won’t be missed for a few weeks.
  6. Extra cookware, dishes, glasses and food. Seldom used cookware, good china, and extra glasses can be packed early as well. Most likely you will not be entertaining while you are trying to move and will not need them. If you are a bargain shopper and stockpile any extras can be packed up early.
  7. Last minute items. Have a box ready in each room for those last minute items and a laundry basket or garbage bags for the dirty clothes that didn’t get washed before the move. Mark the last minute boxes with a red “X” if possible. That way while unpacking you will easily spot them and know what is in them right away.
  8. Move a little at a time. If you are making a close move and time allows, move a little bit at a time. This will make the big moving day less stressful and there will be less to move in the end.

These basic tips can make moving easier. Of course, some changes will need to be made if you have children and pets. With non-essential and off-season items out of the way, the rest will be less overwhelming.

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