How Not To Hurt Her When Dating With No Strings

Figuring out how not to hurt her when dating with no strings is probably the most difficult task you can have. The only sure fire way to keep from hurting her when dating with no strings is to be a complete jerk. It's a fact that most women will develop feelings for a guys a lot faster than their male counterparts when it comes to relationships. This is because a woman is much more emotional than a man. In most cases. They look at things a lot deeper than guys do. They observe how you act and take a tally. If you meet certain requirements in certain categories then she'll begin to fall for you. When this happens you run the risk of hurting her. So, if you don't want to hurt her, and you want to keep it a no strings attached affair, then there's certain things you should just stay away from doing altogether. Here's how to keep her from getting hurt when dating with no strings.

  1. Keeping her feelings in mind. If you don't want to hurt her, you're going to have to tread carefully. Don't flirt with her. Don't give her any sign that you may be interested in any more than a plutonic set up. Don't create false hope that your relationship will move into the exclusive realm. Understand something about women. They're very perceptive. If you let her know that you don't wish to move into serious territory then stick to that. If you throw even an inkling of a sign at her, she's going to pick up on it. As soon as you open up that emotional Pandora's Box, you're going to have a hell of a time closing it without hurting her if she's developed, or beginning to develop feelings. So you need to be a Ken doll. Don't do things that she could misread as you developing an interest. Don't call her to check on her. You don't have to be a jerk, but don't be the perfect gentleman either. You have to keep her at an emotional distance.
  2. Don't allow yourself to be open with her. When people share intimate details about their lives, they become closer, bottom line. If you don't want her to get close to you, then don't open that door. Don't share about yourself, and don't ask about her. You guys are just buddies that hang out on occasion. Don't get deep with her. People will develop attachments through this sort of communicating.
  3. No sex, period. Even if this chick swears up and down that she won't develop feelings for you, don't have sex with her. Many women falsely equate sex with a relationship. If you guys are having sex, then you already failed the first two tips. When a woman gives herself to you, it means she's opened up. Now, there are some women that can handle the physicality of sex while detaching the emotional element. But, to be safe, to keep from hurting her feelings, do not have sex with her. As a matter of fact, don't get close enough to her where you could have sex. Just don't do it.
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