How To Not Rip Pants When Skateboarding

Figuring out how to not rip pants when skateboarding is a popular skill for many skaters. Ripping pants when skateboarding is fairly common amongst skaters, but there a few things that can be done to help skaters salvage their pants and  prevent ripping.

  1. Wear Shorts While Skateboarding. The sandpaper-like material on many skateboard decks called griptape wears down the bottoms of pants for many skaters. To combat ripping and fraying the ends of pants, skaters can wear shorts while skateboarding. Wearing shorts while skateboarding can also prevent skaters from over heating while skating in warm weather in addition to prevent ripping the bottoms of pants while skating.
  2. Turn the Skateboard Away from the Body. Many skaters carry their skateboards while not skating with the grip tape flush against their pants. Since griptape is similar to sandpaper, continuously rubbing the skateboard deck against your pants can grind them down and lead to soft spots that will eventually rip. Carry your skateboard with by the wheels with the grip tape facing away from your body to prevent ripping your pants when skateboarding.
  3. Avoid Sagging or Too Tight Pants. Wearing pants low or too tight can create tension at the crotch, making it easier to rip pants while skateboarding. In order to prevent this, wear your pants at a comfortable and properly fit position to decrease tension. If the problem still persists war more durable and thicker pants to prevent ripping pants while skateboarding.
  4. Wear Industrial Pants While Skateboarding. Many skaters wear pants specifically made for labor workers while skateboarding. Labor ready or industrial pants have a leaser chance of ripping while skateboarding because they are designed to handle more wear and tear than normal pants. Dickies clothing brand makes pants with double layered knees, extra strong stitching and strong materials that the company itself claims are perfect for skateboarding. If the clothing works for labor it more than likely will work for skateboarding.
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