How Not To Talk To A Fat Girl

Looks aren't everything, so you're going to want to learn how not to talk to a fat girl while you're working your magic in the dating circles. If you think you're being witty or hilarious when you're insulting a fat girl, chances are you're really just making an ass of yourself. You're going to insult a girl just because of her weight, and you're probably going to piss off the thinner, hotter girls who might just be her friends. Learning exactly what not to say to a fat girl will not only make you seem like a nicer guy, you might manage to get with her thinner friends, or experience the joys of fat head.

  1. Don't mention her weight. Chances are, the girl knows that she's overweight, and she really doesn't need you to rub it in her face.
  2. Don't mention food in a negative matter. Bringing attention to the amount of food that she's eating or the type is not going to do you any favor.
  3. Stay away from any pet terms that refer to her weight. Porky, fatty, chubby, hefty and the like are right out if you ever want to get laid.
  4. Flatter the aspects of her that you like–don't try to make up compliments, or you just come off as fake.
  5. Don't make fun of a woman simply because of her weight. If she's being a witch or otherwise disrupting your good time out you'll have grounds for insults, but otherwise, treat her with respect and politeness.
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