How to Not Throw Up When Drinking

If you're going to a party, you're going to want to know how to not throw up when you're drinking. A lot of alcohol-induced vomiting is caused by the quantity of alcohol you drink in a night, but just as much is decided by the quality of the alcohol and, more importantly, how fast you drink it. If you follow the tips below, you will spend less of the time kneeling over a toilet bowl and more of the time at the actual party: The hardest thing to do is to balance partying with responsible drinking. If you throw up when you drink, the chances are that you're not balancing things very well. Pay attention to these rules and you will notice a vast difference. If you find that you can't follow the rules and you're still throwing up when drinking, it may be time to cut the partying out completely.  

  1. Be Aware of How Much You're Drinking. Remember the formula: one shot = one glass of wine = one beer. Not only that, shots are processed much faster than other types of alcohol. Also, know that those plastic red cups used at every party hold a little over one beer. People unwittingly drink a beer and a half if they fill their cups to the brim. Try to keep track of your drinks by tallying them on your hand.
  2. Drink More Expensive Beer. Cheap beer is more likely to make you throw up when drinking, because it is less refined, worse quality, and you have generally have to drink more of it to feel the effects. More expensive beers is usually heavier and more alcoholic. This will fill you up and make you drunk, but stable.  
  3. Mix All Hard Alcohol. Nothing will make you puke faster than a few shots of tequila. Always measure out how many shots are in each mixed drink, then pour a generous amount of orange juice or soda to mix it.
  4. Never Drink on an Empty Stomach. If you have nothing in your stomach, the alcohol will be absorbed immediately. You will get drunker, but you will run the risk of feeling lightheaded, nauseous, and, yes, you may end up puking because of it.
  5. No Chugging. Slamming back five drinks in a row is another way to fill your body with so much alcohol that it can't process all of it. Consequently, you'll throw up when drinking.
  6. No Drinking Games. It is best to avoid situations where you feel pressured to drink, either socially or competitively. You will quickly lose track of how much you drink in a game of Flip Cup or Beer Pong. If you really want to play a drinking game, play a game that allows you to control your alcohol intake, such as Kings or Water Cup Beer Pong.
  7. Drink Water Between Drinks. This will slow down your drinking and keep you hydrated. You may have to visit the bathroom more often, but it won't be because you're throwing up from drinking.
  8. Two or Three Drinks an Hour. Your body needs time to process each unit of alcohol. Be responsible with your drinking limits and give your body some time to recover after each drink.
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