How To Obtain Fishing Guide License In Colorado

These are the instructions on how to obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado. If you live in the mile high state you need to learn how to obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado. Learning this will be fun and make you able to legally put your pole into the game and put food on the dinner table. Here is an easy to follow tutorial for how to get it done.

  1. Have your personal information on hand. Be prepared to in order to obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado by providing your full name, residential address and your social security number. This is a definite for you if you want to obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado without any issue and in a timely manner.
  2. Make sure you have your payment type ready to use. You must use a Visa, MasterCard or Discover to purchase a license. Some debit cards work if they can be used without a PIN. Licenses are usually  mailed within 24 hours of the purchase when you are obtaining a fishing guide license in Colorado. Obtaining a fishing guide License in Colorado over the phone or at your local division doesn't have to be chaotic but it could turn out that way if you don't remember that it will cost Colorado residents $26 for an annual license and $56 for nonresidents. Senior citizens who are 64 and older can purchase one for just one dollar. However, Anyone who purchases a Colorado fishing license must also purchase a ten dollar Colorado Wildlife Stamp.
  3. Choose your method to get your license. Call your local branch or look online to obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado. If you choose to use the phone system you can find the number by looking in the phone book or online by searching the number to  to the court clerk and have them put you in touch with the local licensing department. If you prefer online you should go online and search for how you can obtain a fishing guide license in Colorado and you should find a link to a division of wildlife page for Colorado. You may also choose to travel to your local Division of wildlife office or licensed agent to be assisted by a clerk that will help you with any details or questions you may have on how to obtain a fishing license in Colorado.
  4. If you purchase online be prepared to print a receipt and temporary authorization number. A temporary authorization number (TAN) may be substituted for the license you bought for fourteen days from the date of purchase. You should  write down the temporary authorization number and carry it with you while you are fishing until you receive your license. If the license or all of the licenses you purchase in this transaction expire in less than seven days you won't receive anything in the mail. A temporary authorization number (TAN) is all you need for one or five day fishing license. Use your printed confirmation page that you received after you made your payment in full online while using your short-term license.  


  • Don't put off getting a fishing guide license in Colorodo, doing these activities without a license can get you a big fine.
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