How Often Should I Use A Penis Pump?

If you use a penis pump you may want to know, "How often should I use a penis pump?"  You can use a penis pump as often as needed as long as it is used properly and according to manufacturer specifications. It is recommended that you wait 60-minutes in between each use.  Now that you know how often you can safely use your penis pump, keep reading to learn what a penis pump can and cannot do.

There are some things you should understand about using a penis pump. There are numerous myths and facts about what a penis pump can and cannot do. A penis pump will not permanently enlarge the size of your penis. A penis pump will not create a permanent erection. That being said if you feel the need to use a penis pump, you can use it as often as needed as long as it is used properly.

If a penis pump could make every man well endowed the manufacturers would not be able to keep up with the demand. Recession or not, every man alive would have a penis pump in their possession, whether they truly need it or not. The male preoccupation with size would have them pumping their penis 24 hours a day if permanent penis enlargement was possible.

A penis pump can also be used to give a man self gratification when used as a masturbation tool. Why use your hand or the random mouth that may be available when you can pump yourself to instant gratification with no strings attached?

Medically, penis pumps can be used after prostate surgery to help achieve an erection. During Prostate surgery the nerves may be damaged and not respond to manual stimulation. The penis pump will draw blood into the penis enabling an erection.

Although the penis pump does not lend any lasting effects to penis size or hardness, it does have temporary gain and benefits. It is safe to use as needed as long as directions are followed and not abused. Over pumping the penis pump can lead to broken blood vessels along with other medical problems.

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