How Often Should You Purchase A New Pair Of Jeans?

How often should you purchase a new pair of jeans? If this is on your mind, you've come to the right place. There are just a few keys to knowing when you need to buy new jeans, and when you should save your money for something else. Keep these tips in mind when you look in your closet and make a decision about when to buy new jeans:

  1. Buy rarely. Only invest in new denim when your old pairs all have holes in them, or when there is no way you could wear them out in public without embarrassing yourself.
  2. Older Jeans Look Good. Denim companies go to great expense to make new jeans look worn and weathered. If your honest-to goodness old blue jeans are still working, keep them.
  3. Quality Matters. If you don’t want to shop for a new pair of jeans every year, spend a little more and purchase high quality denim. Cheap jeans tend to rip easily, and are not worth the investment.
  4. Avoid Washing. Jeans do not need to be washed every time you wear them, or even every other time. Wait at least one week between washings, if not more. Jeans look best when they are worn out and stretched a little, so hesitate before tossing them in the machine with your smelly gym clothes.
  5. Holes Mean New Jeans. Ok, once in a while you will have to purchase new jeans. You will know when this time has come by following one simple rule: if your jeans have holes in the crotch, it’s time for new ones.




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