How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

People often debate how often should you wash your hair. Depending on the texture of your hair will determine how often you will wash you hair. Proper hair care has to begin before and after you wash your hair so that the hair and scalp can be healthy.

As the oils in your hair begin to accumulate, it will keep the hair moisturized to prevent dryness. It is when the oils along with the daily used hair products begin to take over the hair causing it to look oily and dirty is when people tend to want to wash their hair. The question still remains as to how often should a person wash the natural oil and hair care products away and start fresh and the answer will always be it depends on the individual's hair.

If a person has a head full of thick curly hair, they will be more prone to wash their hair once a week. Washing their hair this often will allow the natural oils time to moisturize the whole head giving the hair the protection it needs from the other chemicals being used and the environment. Thick and curly hair is less likely to have a dirty or greasy look and feel to it as someone with thin or straight hair.

People who have thin or straight hair will usually wash their hair anywhere from three to six times a week because the natural oil in the hair will begin to make it look dirty. Stripping the oils from the hair will cause the scalp to replenish itself with more oil, but the hair initially will look clean after the wash. When washing your hair this regularly, you are making your scalp work harder at producing more oil to protect the hair, which is why the hair becomes oily so quickly. 

Whatever the hair type you have, you must beware of how their hair reacts to any products that is used to maintain the hair. Maintaining the hair is how the hair stays clean and beautiful so that when it is washed the natural oils from the scalp won't add to the dirtiness of the hair but instead give it a natural shine.

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