How to Oil Baseball Glove

Need to know how to oil a baseball glove? It is important to oil a baseball glove before you use it in a practice or a game. Baseball gloves tend to be very rigid and stiff because the leather that is used in the glove has not been broken in and conditioned. This may affect your ability to catch the ball. You should oil your glove to make the leather soft and easy to bend.

To oil a baseball glove, you will need:

  • A baseball glove
  • A baseball
  • Baby oil, petroleum jelly, or baseball glove oil
  • String or a rubber band
  • A soft cloth
  1. Rub oil on your new glove using a soft cloth. You can use baby oil, mink oil, petroleum jelly or any speciality oil that can be used on leather. Apply a thin layer over the entire surface of the glove. Less is more when it comes to caring for your baseball glove. Too much conditioning oil will over-saturate your glove, causing it to break down rapidly. In addition, excess oil produce a greasy film which can rub off on your clothes, the ball and anything in contact with your glove.
  2. Place a baseball in the pocket of your glove. Use the string or a strong rubber band to close the pocket of the glove around the ball. Allow the glove to sit overnight.
  3. Untie the glove. The conditioners will have softened and loosened the leather of the glove.
  4. Massage the glove to further loosen the leather. Using your hands, work the glove in different directions to loosen the leather and break in the leather of the baseball glove. Do this for about ten minutes.
  5. Repeat this process once a year. You will want to oil your glove every year. This will ensure that the leather is conditioned and will extend the life of the glove.



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