How Old Is Too Old To Start A New Career?

When we age, we begin to ask the question, how old is too old to start a new career? This is a valid question with a very simple answer: never, unless you count after death. Career changes can occur at any time, and a new career can present a new and fresh way to approach life. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Dreams never grow old. A new career presents new opportunities, and if you have had a dream to succeed in a new area, it is never too late to switch gears. What matters is that you approach your dream realistically and with motivation to succeed.
  2. It is never too late to meet goals. As humans, we tend to give ourselves expiration dates on our goals. There is no rule explicitly stating this should be how things are. Identify the goals you wish to achieve with a new career and then list the ways you plan to achieve them. Experience matters.
  3. Quitting is not an option. In the workforce, more and more people are facing dwindling retirement options and non-existent pension plans. There are two ways to look at this fact. It can be either a hindrance or a chance to do something new. A new career may be just what you need to do to generate the wealth and security you need.
  4. Experience matters. There is always a need for experience in the marketplace. As an experienced employee, you can start a new career and bring with you a wealth of knowledge and experience a new employee may not have yet. Use this to your advantage.


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