How To Ollie On A Skateboard For Beginners

Learning how to ollie on a skateboard is one of the first tricks that beginners try out. The ollie is a basic skateboarding trick that forms the basis for almost all other tricks. These instructions will have you jumping around like a flea before you know it.

You'll need:

  • A skateboard
  • Protective gear (including knee and elbow pads and a helmet)
  • A flat place to practice
  1. Start with the right stance. Put your front foot in the middle of the board and your rear foot on the tail. Lift the heel of your rear foot off the board so that you can push down on the tail with the ball of your foot. Make sure your front foot points straight ahead.
  2. Practice combining the two movements that, together, allow the skateboard to leap into the air. You'll push sharply down with the ball of your rear foot, which raises the nose of the board. At the same time, you'll drag the side of your front foot forward toward the nose.
  3. Combine these two movements into one smooth movement. Press down forcefully with the ball of your rear foot, popping the tail of the skateboard off the ground. Drag the side of your other foot forward toward the nose. As the board comes up, it should remain under your feet. When you land, both feet should be positioned more or less exactly over the trucks.
  4. Do it while you're moving. Once you've learned how to ollie on a stationary skateboard, it's time to learn how to ollie while you're moving. Roll slowly to start. Once you've got the confidence and balance, you can ollie at higher speeds.
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