How To Open A Beer Bottle With Paper

If you're ever found without a bottle opener, it is still possible to open the bottle, but you will have to know how to open a beer bottle with paper. A bottle opener is really more about putting pressure on the cap at the right angle, so any small, solid object can be used in its place. A sheet of paper is an option that's typically easy to find and works well to open a bottle.

  1. Find a piece of paper. Just about any paper you can find, you're trying to open a beer bottle with paper so clearly your options are limited. A sheet of plain white copy paper works well.
  2. Fold it up. Fold the paper in half and then in half again several times. You will want to get it as small as you can so the paper forms a small rectangle.  When it's extremely difficult to fold, your paper square should be sturdy enough to open a beer bottle.
  3. Position your beer bottle and paper. Hold the beer bottle steady against a table or other hard surface. Get a good grip on the folded piece of paper with your dominant hand. If this is your first try, it's smart to try this over the sink or in a location where you can safely spill a little.
  4. Open the beer bottle. Place the folded edge of the paper under the edge of the bottle cap as you would a standard opener. While keeping the bottle steady, use the paper to pry the bottle cap off using an upward motion. This is much more about getting the angle right than your strength. You may need to try a couple times on your first try, but eventually the paper will be able to lift the cap.
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