How To Open A Beer Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Wondering how to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener? There are several easy ways to do this that use basic items, and one method is actually just as simple as using an actual bottle opener (once you have gotten it down). If you find yourself needing to open a bottle but have no bottle opener at hand, check out these tips.

  1. Find any plastic water bottle or any container with a plastic top. It helps if it is full or at least sturdy, meaning that if it easily bends, it will not work well. A soda bottle, two liter bottle or salad dressing container will all work. Essentially, find a bottle from the refrigerator that has a plastic top, unlike the beer bottle you are trying to open.
  2. Hold the beer bottle upright in your left hand. Grasp it around its neck, just below the top. Squeeze tightly. Your thumb should be on the inside, closest to your chest, and your fingers should be wrapped around the outside, on the other side of the beer bottle's neck from your body.
  3. Take the other bottle, which must have a plastic top, and hold it sideways in your right hand. Hold it so that its top faces the side of the beer bottle's neck, upright in your left hand. Then, tilt the opener bottle down slightly and place the side of its top under the bottom of the beer bottle's top.
  4. The other bottle's top should be between the beer bottle's top and your pointer finger. Your pointer finger should be backed up by your other three fingers and thumb that are wrapped around the beer bottle's neck. Keeping your fingers firm, with a tight grip on the beer bottle, squeeze tightly with your left hand as you, with your right hand, turn the other bottle clockwise a little bit. Do not let you left fingers move down, keep them in place. The opener bottle's top, being between the beer bottle's top and you fingers wrapped around the beer bottle, will cause the beer's top to lift off when you wrench the opener bottle clockwise.

It can take a little while to get this move down, but when you've mastered it, it can literally be easier to use a water bottle or a salad dressing container to open a beer than to use an actual bottle opener.

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