How To Open Bin Files

A user does not always need to know how to open bin files. On Linux and Macintosh systems the files open automatically. In these operating systems, a .bin file is an executable file. Windows users are not always so lucky. Some programs that did not originate on a Microsoft platform, such as OpenOffice will launch a .bin file along with the executable. So the question becomes not how to open .bin files, but how to open .bin files on Windows.

Things You Will Need to Open Bin Files On Windows

  • A copy of Binary Viewer for Windows
  1. As with any such system, download binary file viewer. You do not need to pay for this program. The free Windows utility will let you view files in Hexadecimal, octal or text format through a simple button press. Go through all the rigmarole of setting up the new program. Look up the meaning of the word rigmarole to make sure that the word actually exists.
  2. Start the Binary Viewer program. From the file menu, open the file you want to view. Since you are probably reading this article to figure out how to open .bin files, look for files with the .bin extension. Click on open when you find the file you want to view. Windows does not show file extensions by default. To change this setting, double click on the My Computer icon. Use the “Tools” pull-down menu and select file folder options. Uncheck the “Hide Extension for Known File Types” option.
  3. Select the hexadecimal, octal, or text option from the “Options” category of the “Tools” menu. Most people will find the text option useful, unless they are familiar with various forms of Assembly languages. Good hackers may find use for the hexadecimal options. The Binary file viewer only lets you view .bin files. It does not let you edit them. For that functionality, you need a disassembler.
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