How To Open Blackberry Curve

It’s quite easy to learn how to open a Blackberry Curve, and the process could come in handy if you need to make any repairs or upgrades inside of the phone. It’s expensive to hire professionals to work on your electronics, but if you know how to use basic tools, you can open a Blackberry Curve yourself and avoid hefty service fees. If you’re ready to bust that Blackberry Curve open and check out the inside, check out this easy guide!

To open a Blackberry Curve, you will need:

  • Blackberry Curve
  • Torque screwdriver
  1. Slide the door off of the back of the Blackberry Curve. This is quite easy to do, as all it requires is pressing in the tab on the phone and sliding the door off. This will reveal the battery on the inside as well as the slot for the MicroSD cards. Take the battery and any other hardware out of the back of the phone like the SIM card or MicroSD card.
  2. Look for the two small screws at the top of the phone. These screws can be removed using the torque screwdriver pretty easily. You’ll notice this won’t completely remove the back casing though.
  3. Remove the microphone cover. This piece is quite easy to remove as it can easily slide off.
  4. Now that the microphone cover is off, remove the front casing. Because the microphone cover was holding the front casing down, it should be really easy to remove now. You should also notice the keyboard pops off easily.
  5. Remove the four screws on the front of the phone now. These screws need to come off so that you can remove the side grips.
  6. Next, remove the two internal screws that hold the LCD screen framing. You’ll be able to remove the LCD framing once you take out these screws. You’ll also be able to remove the trackball away from the phone.
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully opened a Blackberry Curve! Now that your Blackberry Curve is disassembled, you can perform basic repairs on it and even just explore it. Be sure not to lose your screws or else you won’t be able to successfully put the phone back together.
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