How To Open A Boutique Hotel

Wondering how to open a boutique hotel? Open a hotel through accommodations, services and facilities. In contrast to the more traditional types of hotels, boutique hotels are usually independent in ownership. While chain and franchise hotel properties generally offer a large number of rooms, independent boutique hotel establishments present lesser rooms. Lower room volume allows boutique hotels to provide a unique hospitality experience. This type of lodging experience includes extraordinary service, distinctly decorative and lavish furnishing themes, and, most likely, meal and lounge facilities. Organize and coordinate all aspects of hospitality operation to successfully open a boutique hotel.

To open a boutique hotel, you will need:

  • Guest rooms
  • Food, beverage and lounge service facilities
  • Administration (accounting and managerial)
  • Staff
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Front desk (check in, check out, and reservations)
  • Vendors (stock and supply)
  • Concierge or activities coordination service
  • Baggage service
  • Room service

Before a boutique hotel can be ready to open for guests, certain core aspects must be in order. These aspects include:

  • Designed, decorated, equipped and furnished guest rooms
  • Designed, equipped, furnished and decorated facilities such as restaurant, lounge and hotel lobby
  • Configured, designed and equipped administrative office space, as well as similar treatment towards the front desk area
  • Employed management and accountant or auditor
  1. Advertise and promote the hotel in a proper manner. Hire a full time marketing expert to market the boutique hotel or contract with an independent marketing company. Attractions, business, entertainment and destination are the basis of how these unique hotels appeal to a variety of guest markets. Adequate and tasteful signage for the hotel is an absolute. Broad base plans that will market a boutique hotel can include the design and launch of various methods. These methods can incorporate advantageous advertisements for print publications, such as magazines and newspapers, as well as an online presence supplemented by rare, though possible, television commercial spots. A simultaneous direct plan to market consists of brochures, catalogs and sales letters that are designed and sent to select travel and coach tour agencies. An additional approach to market a boutique hotel is to feature or list within choice tourism and travel guide publications in both online and print formats.
  2. Equip the boutique hotel and its facilities with point of sale hardware and software. Known as POS systems, these types of electronic cash registers handle and manage all payment transactions. Contact a bank of choice, as well as select major credit card companies, in order to arrange set up. This set up process coordinates delivery, installation and activation of complete POS systems before the hotel opens. There are two important advantages to an early set up for such electronic systems. First, it allows enough time for the hotel’s front desk clerks, as well as restaurant and lounge cashiers, to become familiar with how to conduct revenue transactions. Second, when the hotel opens, handling and processing any payments can be done with ease.
  3. Hire enough employees to meet all needs of the hotel. The number of guest rooms, along with services and facilities, will determine how many staff members to employ. As boutique hotels are known to provide ultimate service, it is necessary to maintain an adequate amount of available staff. Assign employees to fully staff the various hotel and facility jobs. Hotel jobs can include front desk clerks, maintenance workers, housekeeper and maids, bell hops, concierge or activities coordinators, chefs, cooks, hosts, hostesses, food and beverage servers, dishwashers, bus people and bartenders.
  4. Coordinate hotel accommodations, services and facilities. Guest room make up, front desk and office organization, facilities such as food, beverage and lounge, along with all service provisions are to maintain simultaneous progress towards the date for when the hotel is to open.



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