How To Open The Bracelet On A Gold Movado Watch

65+You are thinking about purchasing a gold Movado watch and want to know how to open the bracelet on a gold Movado watch? Movado means "always in motion." Movado watches have been around since the 1800's and were all made by hand. This watch is famous for its excellence in design and function. The first Museum Watch was created for Movado and just had one single gold dot at the 12:00 point. This allowed the Movado watch to have an uncluttered dial. Until this day, Movado watches reside in museums and galleries and are known to be collectible items. Opening the bracelet on a gold Movado watch is a fairly easy thing to learn how to do.

  1. Hold the gold Movado watch face up in your hand. This is the easiest way to get access to the watch bracelet. Laying it down a surface can make it more difficult to access the watch bracelet, so be sure to hold the watch in your hand.
  2. Release the latch. Locate the clasp of the gold Movado watch on the end of the watch bracelet. Place your fingernail in the small niche underneath where the clasp folds over. Gently pull up on the clasp and this will release the latch.
  3. Open the watch bracelet. Once the latch is released, pull the clasp away from the gold Movado watch bracket. This watch bracket will now be open and you can slide your wrist into the watch bracket. Simply close the clasp on the bracelet once the Movado watch is around your wrist.
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