How To Open A Cable Box

Have you been having problems with your cable box and need to know how to open a cable box?  There could possibly be a loose connection between the cable signal from the outside of your house going from the cable box inside the home. This could be what is causing some problems, and giving you bad cable reception. If you do have a warranty for your cable, opening the cable box will void the warranty, but some people prefer to do this rather having to wait on a technician come out and open the cable box for them. To learn how to open a cable box follow these few basic steps.

To install a cable box you need:

  • cable termination tool 
  1. Purchase a cable termination tool. You can find this tool at a satellite supply store or either on a satellite website that sells repair tools. A cable termination tool should not cost you very much money.
  2. Locate your outside cable box. Your outside cable box will most likely be located around the meter of your house. The cable box should have the cable company's name on it. This can help you to identify the box a little better.
  3. Open the cable box. Place the cable termination tool into the lock on the cable box and twist. Once the lock is opened the lock should pop right out. You can now open the cable box to check for any loose wires.


  • It is not illegal to open a cable box just to check it out and adjust a few wires. It becomes illegal if you decide to try to get additional channels or get free cable.


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