How To Open A Capital One Savings Account

If you're looking to build the foundation of a solid future, knowing how to open a Capital One savings account may be a good start. Keeping your money in a safe place is an important step towards establishing financial security. Capital One savings accounts provide this by offering FDIC insurance, online money transfers and electronic statements.

  1. Prepare your personal information. To open a Capital One savings account, you will need to be able to verify your identity. Get a hold of your social security card, driver's license identification number and license expiration date. If you do not have a driver's license you will need to apply for a state identification card at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You will also need information about previous credit accounts to verify your identity later.
  2. Fill out the online application. Visit the Capital One web site and click on "Banking." A variety of options will appear on the next page. For a Capital One savings account, you will want to select the "InterestPlus Online Savings" option. Click on the "Open Online" button to begin the application process. Enter the information from earlier into the form.
  3. Fund your account. Initial deposits can be made via check or online transfer from a non-Capital One savings account. If you choose to mail in a check, you will be prompted to enter the amount you will send. For online transfers, you need to provide a routing number, account number and dollar amount. You also need to specify whether the transfer will be made from a checking account or a savings account.
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