How To Open A Champagne Bottle Indoors

When you love bubbly, it's important to know how to open a champagne bottle indoors. Be the man who knows what he's doing, and spoil the ladies in the process. Enjoy champagne with women on any occasion—you won't have to wait until New Year's Eve when another guy's party is going on.

  1. Chill the champagne. Before opening a champagne bottle indoors, chill it. Champagne, like white wine, is best served chilled, so let the bottle sit in your refrigerator until it's cold.
  2. Point the bottle away. Safety always comes first when you want to open a champagne bottle indoors. Point the bottle away from yourself and others when handling it. Sometimes corks pop unexpectedly, so make sure no one is injured should this happen.
  3. Take off the foil cover. When you want to open a champagne bottle, you must remove the foil cover. It's located on the top of the bottle and easily comes off with a few rips.
  4. Untwist the wire cage. Getting your champagne bottle open means untwisting the wire cage. Below the foil cover is a tiny wire cage that secures the cork. Be careful—there's a slight chance that when the wire cage is off, the cork will pop out by itself. Using the tiny piece of wire (the "key") that's against the cork, begin untwisting until the wire cage is loose enough to remove from the bottle.
  5. Cover the cork with a small towel. You want to be safe and clean when opening a champagne bottle indoors. Cover the top of the champagne bottle with a small towel. A hand or kitchen towel works great and will protect your indoor surroundings. The towel is a safety net for the cork to fall into once it's free.
  6. Ease the cork out. You're almost finished opening your champagne bottle! Grasp the hand towel with both hands, leaving your thumbs free. Using a crawling motion with your thumbs, work the cork until it pops out of the champagne bottle. Have the fluted champagne glasses ready to serve the drinks to your indoor guests.
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