How To Open The Gas Tank On A Porsche Boxster

Learn how to open the gas tank on a Porsche Boxster if you have recently purchased one of these convertible Porsche roadsters. If you are unfamiliar with the gas tank or how Porsches operate, it can be confusing–if not annoying–to try and open the gas tank on the car. Follow these instructions for how to open the gas tank on a Porsche Boxster so that you can put fuel in the car and continue showing off your beautiful new ride.

To open the gas tank on a Porsche Boxster, you will need:

  • Car keys
  1. Unlock the Porsche Boxster. You can either unlock the car using the automatic lock switch on the driver or passenger door or you can unlock it by pressing the unlock button twice on the keyless entry car key.
  2. Locate the Porsche Boxster gas tank. You can find the gas tank on the ride front side of the vehicle. Note that it is on the front, unlike most vehicles where it is on the rear. This is because Porsches have rear engines and gas tanks are located on the opposite side of the engine in case of engine fire.
  3. Press down gently on the right side of the gas tank door. It will click. Release the gas tank door and it will swing open. Remove the gas tank cover by twisting it to the left. Note that you may have to apply force to remove the gas tank cover as the pressure causes it to tighten over time.
  4. Fill the vehicle with the appropriate fuel. Close the gas tank cover by twisting it to the right until you hear it click at least three times. Close the gas tank door by pressing it shut.
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