How To Open Keg

Learn how to open keg for your next party. You should actually refer to this as tapping a keg instead of opening it if you want to sound like you know what you’re doing. The most important thing is to tap the keg before your guests arrive so that you don’t have to listen to their well-meaning but often incorrect advice. Enjoy a beer or two before they arrive.

To tap a keg, you will need:

  • A properly iced down keg of beer
  • A well functioning beer tap
  • A pitcher or glasses
  1. Allow the keg to settle. Give the keg a few hours to settle after transporting and icing so that you minimize the chance of foamy beer.
  2. Remove the cap on the top of the keg. This should be a plastic or cardboard cap.
  3. Inspect the tap. Look the tap over closely. Make sure the tap is closed before you try to attach it to the keg. If you see any worn seals or anything else that concerns you, call the store where you bought the keg and ask if they have another one that you can pick up. Many people invest in their own high quality beer tap available at beer supply stores if they use keg beer frequently.
  4. Tap the keg. Line the tap up with the holes in the top of the keg. Push down with enough pressure to push down the ball bearing that holds the beer in the keg. Slide the tap into place using a clockwise motion. Continue pushing down as you turn it until the pressure from the keg locks it into place.
  5. Draw some beer to get rid of the foam on top. Pump the tap if needed. Some taps are gas operated and don’t need to be pumped. Squeeze the trigger on the tap and pour out enough beer to fill several glasses or about half a pitcher. The foam should stop at about that quantity of beer. You should now be able to draw a beer with a normal amount of head.
  6. Wait for your guests and enjoy the party!
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