How To Open A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you want to do your hand in helping people while expanding your own business, you'll want to learn how to open a medical marijuana dispensary. Medical marijuana is a ground-breaking method of treatment that relieves pain and suffering in patients from all walks of life. Knowing how to open a medical marijuana dispensary will help you assist these people during their healing process while owning your own business. Advance your career and help those around you by learning how to open a medical marijuana dispensary.

To open a medical marijuana dispensary, you'll need:

  • Starting capital
  • Licenses and permits
  • A doctor's note with a signature
  • Security equipment (video cameras, alarm system, etc.)
  • Commercial agricultural equipment (Irrigation systems, etc.)
  • A space for your business
  1. Get legalized. The first step in learning how to open a medical marijuana dispensary is realizing that you're going to have to do this operation by the books. Go to a doctor and see if he or she will sign off to give you permission to own more marijuana than the recommended legal amount. By visiting other dispensaries, you can be pointed in the right direction of "pot docs" or physicians who are more likely to give permission to allow you to obtain and grow your own product. Take this time to also become well-versed in your area's laws concerning legally owning, selling and growing medical marijuana—the last thing you want is to see your business go belly-up because of legal red tape.
  2. Get incorporated. This involves naming your business as a non-profit collective, which varies depending on which state you're basing your medical marijuana dispensary. You're going to need to complete this step before you can begin getting licenses or even growing your product.
  3. Find a location. If you plan on growing your own medical marijuana, you're going to need to find a large space to fit both the business and growing portions of your dispensary. Remind your landlord that you will also be able to get a separate type of insurance for your product specifically, in addition to the other insurances that business owners usually get.
  4. Get licensed. In addition to the doctor's recommendation, you're going to need a multitude of other licenses and permits in order to legally open a medical marijuana dispensary. While these requirements vary by state, you are going to need a local county tax permit as well as a tobacco retailer's license only if you're planning on selling rolling paper and pipes with your product.
  5. Decide on a membership service. This step is highly important as to ensure that, in the case your clients get involved in risky business using your product, you won't be legally charged as an accessory to their reprehensible behavior. Make sure that each member signs a contract stating that you're not legally responsible for what may happen to them if they decide to engage in unlawful behavior—this may seem slightly cutthroat, but either your do this or let your business get shut down because someone decided to be careless.
  6. Set up your security equipment. Medical marijuana dispensaries, tragically, are hot targets for petty criminals. Insure your business even further by protecting your assets. By setting up your security measures, you're going to both dissuade thieves and secure your longevity in the harshly competitive environment of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The business of medical marijuana is burgeoning all along the Western United States—there's no reason you cannot have your share of those profits. Besides all the excitement and rewards of owning your own business, learning how to open a medical marijuana dispensary will allow you to enter a rich industry that helps thousands of people every single day. Do your part in helping the sick people around you by making the steps towards opening a medical marijuana dispensary.

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