How To Open Nat For Xbox Live

The Xbox 360 live service is the most popular online gaming setup of any consoles with a user friendly setup and plenty of multiplayer support, but it sometimes has problems so you need to learn how to open NAT for Xbox Live. In addition to the multiplayer support, you also get many extra features such as Netflix and Facebook integration, Xbox Live Arcade games, previews, demos, interviews and everything else that Microsoft can come up with in their diabolical scheme to take over the gaming world. Sometimes a problem can occur when you try to connect through your router to the Xbox Live network, and you need to open the NAT settings on your network router.

Things you need to Open NAT for Xbox Live:

  • Router IP
  • Router login and password
  1. Press the Xbox live button on your controller. Go to the System section. Select Network settings and write down the Xbox's specific IP address.
  2. Go to your desktop computer. Type in the IP address used to access your router settings. Login with your username and password if needed.
  3. Click the section labeled "DMZ" in your router settings. You may need to go to an advanced configuration section to access these settings, but it is different for each router brand.
  4. Turn this option on and type in the exact IP address for your Xbox 360 in the provided fields.
  5. Open your Port Forwarding section options. You now need to label the forwarded ports, enable 87, 88 and 89 to be enabled, and provide the Xbox 360's IP address once again. Choose UDP for these ports. Open ports 3073, 3074 and 3075 and select TCP and UDP. Save these settings. Reset your router and attempt to connect to Xbox Live.
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