How To Open Porsche Cayman Hood Without Battery

Learn how to open Porsche Cayman hood without battery in case you ever have a dead battery. Dead batteries are unavoidable. It happens over time, no matter how nice the car is. The problem is that Porsche designers engineered an electronic hood release on the Cayman. This becomes a problem because you can't use the electronic hood switch to open the hood in order to replace the battery that needs to open the hood. It's a full circle problem. This article explores the steps you need to take to open the Porsche Cayman hood without your battery using a walk around method.

To open Porsche Cayman hood without battery, you will need:

  • Car keys
  • Jumper cables
  • Spare 12 volt battery
  1. Open the door lock manually using your key. Open the door and locate the fuse panel beneath the dash. This is to the left of your leg when you are sitting in the driver's seat.
  2. Pull the cover off of the fuse box. Press the button with your finger and pull the cover away. Locate the positive terminal.
  3. Remove the positive terminal fuse. Attach a clamp so that you can connect a battery jumper cable to the positive terminal there.
  4. Connect one side of the red, positive jumper cable to the clamp and the other side to the 12 volt battery. Attach the negative, black cable to the door latch and the other side to the 12 volt battery. Turn the Porsche Cayman alarm off if it starts sounding.
  5. Open the hood using the electronic latch like normal, while the battery is connected. Disconnect the spare jumper battery. You now have access to the Porsche Cayman battery. Replace it if needed.


Wear safety glasses or goggles while handling a 12 volt battery.

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