How To Open A Sandwich Shop

Knowing how to open a sandwich shop can lead you to a fun profession as an entrepreneur. If you have a vision for a new place to eat, go with your dreams, and try a new business. A community will welcome a new selection of sandwiches.

  1. Make a business plan. Read books on how to set up a restaurant business. Talk with some sandwich shop owners, and check out their establishments to get ideas and advice.
  2. Read all the regulations from your local health department. Know how you need to set up your shop and what equipment you will need to be in compliance with health regulations. Get a restaurant business license. Register the name of your sandwich shop.
  3. Find a sandwich shop location. Choose a place that has ample parking, and that is in a well trafficked area. Make sure that it has all the space you will need. Try to find a place that already has a counter, walk in refrigerator, and other basics you need. Make sure that the rent is reasonable.
  4. Purchase any fixtures and furniture you require. Get tables, chairs, a counter, work spaces, a toaster, and refrigerators. Buy all the cooking gear you require. Set up the shop so that the sandwich making process goes smoothly.
  5. Create a Menu. Find or write a recipe you will use for each sandwich. Ask friends and family to taste test your sandwiches, and to give you feedback.
  6. Buy the food for all the sandwiches on your menu. Store the food carefully, so it will stay fresh. Keep an inventory of the ingredients you currently have.
  7. Hire responsible employees. Interview them with an eye to how personable they are. Check references to make sure they are reliable workers. Teach your employees how to make each sandwich.
  8. Advertise that you will open a sandwich shop soon. Communicate your location, hours, and menu to potential customers. Plan and schedule a grand opening.
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