How To Open Seiko Analog Digital Watch

Wondering how to open a Seiko Analog Digital watch? This type of watch is commonly called an Ani-digi watch, because it has both Analog and Digital components to its movement. Seiko can use three different methods of attaching case backs to their Ani-digi watches. These methods are, screws, screwed down, and press fit case backs. Each method will be discussed here.

Tools needed to open a Seiko Analog Digital watch:

  • Watch maker screw drivers
  • Adjustable case wrench
  • Case knife
  • Case holder
  • Soft cloth

 The process of opening a Seiko Analog Digital Watch will go as follows:

  1.  Determine tools needed. If your Seiko has a series of regularly spaced slots along the edge of the case back it is a screw down case back. If it has four screws along the edges of the case back it uses screws. If it has a groove or slot along the edge of the case back and the case it is a press fit.
  2. Move on to appropriate instructions for each type of case back. In the next sections will be instructions appropriate to opening your Seiko watch and its specific type of case back

 Screw down case back.

  1.  Fit adjustable case opener to case back.. Fit the appropriate lugs on the case tool into the slots in the case back. It will take some adjusting to get it in place correctly. Patience here will insure a proper fit which is important. Tighten it down until it does not slip free. Take care not to slip and scratch the case back or watch.
  2. Open watch.  Unscrew the case back in a counter clockwise motion until it comes off. Go slow and be careful, you do not want to wreck the gasket and have to replace it .

Case back using screws:

  1. Select appropriate screw driver.  Select the screw driver which most perfectly fits the screw heads of the four screws.
  2. Unscrew screws.  Turn out each screw in a counterclockwise direction. Set each screw aside in a safe place.
  3. Remove case back. You may need to use a screwdriver to pop the case back free. Take care not to damage any case back gasket or it will need to be replaced.

Press fit case back;

  1.  Use case knife and remove case back.  Slip the edge of the case knife into the slot or gap along the edge of the case back. Make sure that the blade of the knife is away from your hand in case you slip. Gently twist the blade sideways. Apply pressure and twist the blade to pop open the case. Similar to opening an oyster. Once the case starts to open, work your way carefully around the case until the case back pops off. Take care during this procedure not to slip and cut yourself or scratch your Seiko.

That is how you open a Seiko Analog Digital Watch. It requires a few special tools and some patience. Remember to inspect the gasket carefully if it has one, if it is damaged you will need to replace it to retain maximum water resistance. Good luck and enjoy your fine Seiko.

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