How To Open A Sports Nutrition Store

This is a step-by-step article on how to open a sports nutrition store. The process is complicated and this is just a general outline of how to get started. However, if you follow these steps and tips, you will be well on your way to owning a successful sports nutrition store.

  1. Location You’ve all heard it before. Location, location, location. Obviously, the location of your business will be vital to its success. Take Austin, Texas for example. It’s a large college town with many young, athletic people. And it’s hot. Really hot. This heat will make people more likely to buy a drink from you. Austin would be a fantastic location for your store. On the other hand, look at Cleveland, Ohio. While it is home to a few colleges of its own, namely Case Western, it is also home to a much different group of people and a much different climate. Due to the climate, you are more likely to have walk-ins in Austin because more people are taking their workout outside in the form of running or biking. These factors all make Austin a wiser choice for the location of your store. If you want to open your store locally wherever you live now, you still have some things to consider. Whether you live in Austin, Cleveland or somewhere else, the street on which you open your store is almost as important as the city. Naturally, you should aim to acquire space for your store on a street heavily traveled by pedestrians so you can profit more from walk-ins. These streets would most likely be the ones going through downtown.
  2. What to sell Fortunately, this part is easy because what is sold in any sports nutrition store is standard. You’ve got your basic energy drinks and energy bars and you can throw in random things like gum and, of course, bottled water. Keep it simple at first. Stock only what is generally expected in a store like this. Once your business takes off, then you can get fancy with what you sell. 
  3. Pricing Prices of items vary greatly from location to location and it’s very important to understand how this works to maximize your profits. Take Austin again. Because of the hot weather, there is a large population of people who run and bicycle outdoors. Therefore, drinks are going to be a big seller compared to a place like Cleveland. Because of the hot weather, people are more willing to pay more than usual for a cold drink, especially if you were able to locate your store on a popular street where people routinely jog/bike by.


  • Remember to keep your store open when traffic is likely to be high. In a place with a high population of people who do outdoor cardio such as Austin, this time is likely to be in the morning before it gets too hot outside.
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