How To Open A Suntrust Bank Account

It’s very easy to open a Suntrust bank account. This bank makes it easy for their customers to start banking with them. Their free checking accounts offer quite a few benefits that other banks don’t offer. For example, they offer up to ten dollars back for ATM surcharge fees when you don’t use their ATM’s. That is a great benefit to banking with them. That feature is even included in their free checking accounts. Another great feature is that your first check purchase is free. Non-sufficient fund fees are also waived the first time you make an error. They also offer rewards for using your Suntrust Visa debit card and give you breaks on interest rates for personal loans. The paid accounts they offer have great features too. The solid choice account comes with free cashier’s checks and free traveler’s checks. These paid accounts offer discounted or even free safe deposit boxes for all of your valuables. All in all this is a great bank that values customer service. 


  1. Either visit your local branch or sign up online. If you sign up online you will need to send copies of your identification to have them verified.
  2. Gather your documents. You will need a picture ID, social security card, and birth certificate. 
  3. If you are opening an account online, you will need to provide your relevant information. They ask for your current address, previous address, state issued ID number, and social security number.
  4. This information will be preliminarily verified by a credit check.
  5. Next decide how you would like to fund your account. If you are transferring money, get your routing and account numbers ready. You will need to make sure any automatic payments are transferred over to your new Suntrust account. 
  6. After 3-5 business days, you should receive your account information in the mail. You visa check card will arrive shortly after that. 
  7. Your account is now ready for use. Enjoy the great banking features Suntrust has to offer.
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