How To Open A Swiss Bank Account Online

Keep everyone's noses out of your finances by learning how to open a Swiss bank account online. The benefits of having a Swiss Bank Account Online is privacy and security. The internet makes it possible for people to open up a Swiss bank account online without having to go to Switzerland. 

  1. First, research different online Swiss bank accounts and determine which one that you want to open a bank account with. There are two well-know banks that offer online banking and they are Credit Suisse and UBS.
  2. To start the process of opening an account online you would need to call the Swiss bank and talk to a bank representative. They will walk you through the steps of the process. You will be given a passkey because the Swiss banks does not use the account holder's name. You can open a joint account with your spouse or you can just open an individual account. 
  3. The last step is to make an initial deposit. Usually the minimum amount of the deposit is $1000.00. You have to make an initial deposit using an existing bank account and have it verified. 

The good thing about being able to have a Swiss bank account is that you can hide your money and it be legally safe. If you are trying to hid from investigators then a Swiss bank account is the way to go. There are many benefits of having a Swiss bank account. You are allowed to close your account at any point, depending on if you are money invested then it would take a day or so for the money to be transferred back to your original bank account. 

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