How To Open A Vintage Pocket Watch

Wondering how to open a vintage pocket watch? Pocket watches exude class and timelessness. If you are lucky enough to own a vintage pocket watch, you can witness firsthand the exquisiteness and impeccable quality that these timepieces have. If you aren't necessarily familiar with vintage pocket watches, you may have trouble opening one. Here's how to do it:

To open a vintage pocket watch, you will need:

  • Case knife
  1. Inspect the vintage pocket watch case. Notice where the notches and pry areas are. If notches and pry areas are only present, more than likely you have a vintage screw back pocket watch case. These vintage pocket watches are one of the most common types of pocket watch cases. Look out for any damaged areas that may prevent the pocket watch from opening.
  2. Locate the bezel. The bezel is the glass side of the pocket watch case. Notice the line of separation between the bezel and the pocket watch case body.
  3. Locate the lip on the bezel of the pocket watch.
  4. Gently grip the pocket watch in the palm of your hand and place the case knife between the lips. Gently pry the watch open.
  5. Examine the back cover of the vintage pocket watch before re-assembling. There is usually a small pin and corresponding hole to help you determine the rotational direction of each piece.

Tips & Warnings:

  • There are different types of vintage pocket watches. If you are unable to open one, do not try to force it open. A case knife is dull and will reduce your chances of injury. Using a sharper knife may lead to serious injury.
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