How To Open Web Browser

Need to know how to open a web browser? Web browsers, also called internet browsers, are the gateways to the fun you experience when surfing the internet. They are programs designed to "take" you to the internet and allow you to view and save your favorite websites. Web browsers require an opening process just like other computer applications and programs. Finding out what web browsing software your computer has installed is an important step. Once you have opened your web browser, you can begin enjoying the wonders of the internet.

To open a web browser, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Web browsing software
  1. Locate your web browsing software. Determine which type of software you are running. There are a number of different options available for both PC and Mac users. Find out which software your computer has installed. You can refer to your computer's guide or search your computer's files using the keyword "internet."
  2. Review your desktop. Your desktop may have an icon for your web browser. Once you have identified the type of web browser you are using, try to locate the icon on your desktop. The icon should include the name of the program and the software logo.
  3. Double-click the web browser icon. Place your on-screen mouse pointer over the icon on the desktop. Double-click (click quickly two times in a row) with the left mouse button. The web browsing program should open. Once the program is open, begin surfing the internet by typing a web address into your web browser's address bar and hitting "Enter" on your keyboard.



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