How To Open Wine

 If the corkscrew breaks or you forget to buy a corkscrew, you may wonder how to open wine. In such case, don’t worry. You can still celebrate your special occasion with wine and have a good time. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to open wine.  

Things needed to open wine:
  • Shoe
  • Corkscrew
Open wine with a waiter’s corkscrew
  1. Wet a napkin and wipe the cork’s top to remove any dust or other particles.   
  2. Hold the bottle by its neck with one hand; take the corkscrew with the other hand.
  3. Apply a bit of pressure to insert the corkscrew into the cork then use twisting motion until the spiral penetrates through the cork.
  4. Pull out the cork about two-thirds. 
  5. Twist slowly and pull out. 

Open a wine without a corkscrew

  1. Turn the wine bottle upside down, and hold it between your knees. With the bottle inverted between your knees, hit the bottom of the bottle with a shoe. Hitting the bottle creates pressure against the cork and will gradually push it out.  
  2. Pull out the cork with your hands once it comes out partially. If the beverage is carbonated, wait about 15 minutes and then pull out the cork. Otherwise, the wine could explode in your face, and you will have a mess to clean up.  
There you have it. Now you know how to open a wine bottle with or without a corkscrew. Even if the cork breaks, all is not lost. Simply place the bottle between your knees; hit the bottom of the bottle and pull out the cork. That’s it. You have successfully opened a bottle of wine.   
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