How To Open Xbox 360 Controller

Learning how to open an Xbox 360 controller can be a useful technique to know when you need to make repairs to buttons or joysticks, change the LED colors, add mods, or if you plan on painting your Xbox 360 controller. There is a special type of bit that is used to remove the screws from the back of the Xbox controller, but we have found that a carefully torqued flathead screwdriver also works. Make all repairs and alterations to Xbox controllers at your own risk, for opening the controller may permanently damage your controller. 

Tools you will need to open an Xbox 360 Controller:

  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • Razor blade
  • Tamper Proof Torque bit, Size T8
  1. Remove Screws. Remove the 6 obvious screws on the back side of the Xbox controller with the T8 bit and place them in a safe place. 
  2. Remove Bar code. Remove the battery pack from the back side of the controller, and use the razor blade to remove the bar code from the back side of the controller. There is a hidden screw beneath the bar code on the back side of the controller. Remove it with the torque bit. 
  3. Open the Controller. Pull the front side of the controller away from the back side. If the controller is dirty, you may have to pry the sides apart by using the torque bit as leverage. If you are planning on doing any alterations to the controller, remove the controller's inner components. The interior of the controller comes out in one piece, except for the buttons, which hold themselves against the inner workings by pushing themselves on the controllers frame. these will easily slide back into place when reassembling the controller.   
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