How to Open an Xbox 360

Ever wonder how to open an Xbox 360? This article will show you how to open your Xbox 360 step by step. Opening your Xbox 360 voids your warranty with Microsoft and should not be attempted unless you are comfortable with opening and servicing electronics.

To open an Xbox 360, you will need:

  • Torx Ten screwdriver
  • Flat, level surface
  1. Remove the faceplate. This can be done by gripping the finger hole at the bottom of the console and pulling forward. You may also skip this step and proceed to removing the top and bottom plates, but this increases the chance of breaking the little tabs on the top and bottom of the console.
  2. Proceed to the gray vent plate on the bottom, which is held in place by six tabs. You will notice that they are all accessible from the sides through the vent holes. Simply pull up on the plates and release the clip by pushing inward with the opening tool (or any other tool that fits through the hole). Starting from the front of the case, alternate sides so each pair of tabs is released and keep gentle pressure, pulling the case upward as you make your way back.
  3. Remove the top vent plate. The top vent plate is slightly more challenging to remove because half of the tabs cannot be clearly seen. Start with the front two tabs, which can be accessed by the two holes that correspond to them, where the disk tray connects. The opening tool fits right in to reach the two clips. After this, open the next two tabs, which are easily accessible via the vent holes. Then release the final tabs by removing one of the Xbox 360's feet at the back to expose a hole.
  4. Now that the top and bottom vent covers are removed, lay the Xbox upside down. You will notice seven holes on the bottom shell. Release the clips, spreading the case with your forefinger and thumb, and position the opening tool so it lines up with the two holes with the power cord. Use the tool to press inward and the case will pop open a bit. Continue to open the case further by pressing in the other spots which will make the case pop open slightly further.
  5. Continue opening the case further. With the opposite side of the tool, line up the five remaining tabs with their corresponding holes and continue opening the case by pushing the tool in. You will hear a series of clicking sounds when the case is free. Continue using the above method to open the clips on the front side with the DVD drive and the entire top case will be removed.
  6. Unscrew the screws on the inner steel box. When you lift the lid, you will see a steel box on the inside. This has six screws that need to be removed. Simply use a Torx Ten driver to unscrew the six screws. Flip the box right side up and then pull the other half of the case off. After this remove the eject button by applying pressure with a fingernail.



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