How To Operate Nokia 6030 Phones

Confused about how to operate Nokia 6030 phones? The Nokia 6030 is a bulky but reliable phone. If you know how to operate the model, it has a lot of potential. To operate Nokia 6030 phones will take getting used to if you’re not knowledgeable in the latest technology.    

  1. Once you get your Nokia 6030 phone it may not have the SIM card inside. Place the SIM card inside the phone by removing the back cover. Press the button down located at the back cover. Slide the lid towards the bottom of your Nokia 6030.
  2. Remove the battery by lifting the bottom of it. Open the clip that secures the SIM card by lifting it up. Insert the SIM card and close the clip. Place the battery back into the slot. Slide the back cover until it locks. Recharge your battery for three hours. 
  3. Power on your Nokia 6030 by pressing and holding the power key located at the top of the phone. If you’re asked to provide a PIN or security code, enter the code that was given to you with your SIM card. 

Operating the Nokia 6030 menu screen. On the menu screen you will be given the options to choose from a variety of functions, such as: messages, contacts, call logs, settings, gallery, organizer, applications and the web.  

  1. Messages. You can create a text message or a multimedia message. You will have the option to look at the message you received or sent. You can go into your voice mails and hear who left you a message.
  2. Contacts. This is the location where you put phone numbers at. You can name the contact, input a 1-touch dialing or you can delete a number.  
  3. Call log. You can look at any missed or received calls. The dialed numbers will be recorded and the call timers will notify you how long you where on the Nokia 6030.
  4. Settings. Under settings you have a variety of options to choose from. You can change your ring tones, profile, themes, shortcuts, display and security among others. If you want to restore the settings back to default you will have the option to do so here. 
  5. Gallery. Images that are stored into the Nokia 6030 are stored here. 
  6. Organizer. The organizer allows you to listen to FM radio, set the alarm clock, establish a to-do list, look at the calendar, set a stop watch and use a countdown timer. 
  7. Applications. Any games that are either stored on the Nokia 6030 or downloaded can be open by going here. 
  8. Web. You will have to pay a fee to go on the web. When you do you will have access to the mobile web. 
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