How To Operate The Wii Classic Controller

Are you wondering how to operate the Wii classic controller because these new controllers are just too complicated? The Nintendo Wii offers a variety of input methods, including the revolutionary remote-and-nunchuck combo, the balance board and Classic Controller. The success of the system is often attributed to the innovative interface, but more traditional games are best played with traditional controls: enter Nintendo's first-party solution, the Classic Controller. Designed to resemble the standard Super Nintendo pad with a directional pad and four face buttons, the Classic Controller features the modern allowances of two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons, which makes it ideal for both 2D and 3D gaming.

  1. Check to make sure that whatever game you are playing supports the Classic Controller. For games downloaded via the Wii's Virtual Console service, this is a non-issue, as they universally feature Classic Controller support. Retail games will feature a small Classic Controller icon near the upper-left on the back of the box if the controller is supported. WiiWare games downloaded from the Wii Shop channel will signify Classic Controller support in their virtual manual.
  2. Plug the Classic Controller into the Wii remote. The Classic Controller cannot be plugged directly into the Wii console, and must be tethered to the Wii remote, much like the nunchuck attachment. This means you can never use the Classic Controller in conjunction with any other attachment, and it will still drain the Wii remote's batteries.
  3. Set the Wii remote down on a nearby surface.  Make sure that the cord that connects the controller to the remote does not become a nuisance. Games that use the Classic Controller will not utilize any of the Wii remote's motion-control features, so you will not need to worry about moving your arms any more than necessary when playing a traditional game.
  4. Consult the game's manual for a detailed description of its controls. Exact controls will differ from game to game, but generally 2D games use the digital pad for movement and the face buttons for crucial actions such as jumping and shooting. The analog sticks are generally not used in 2D games. 3D games feature more complex controls, and often the left analog stick is used for movement and the face buttons are used to perform actions. The right analog stick is used to control the camera. The Classic Controller also features a blue "Home" button that can be used to access the Wii menu.
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