How To Orally Caress A Vagina

Learn how to orally caress a vagina for your pleasure as well as hers. Each woman's body is different. What pleases one may not please another. Communication is the key to understanding what a woman wants when they are being orally caressed.

  1. Find a comfortable position. Cunnilingus, or orally caressing on the genitals, can be enjoyed for an extended period of time. Some women may even enjoy multiple orgasms, so begin with a comfortable position. The woman may be lying on her back with a pillow placed under her hips to raiser her pelvic area for better access. You should be able to comfortably access her vaginal area with your lips and tongue.
  2. Begin by gently using your tongue to caress along her upper thighs where her legs join to her pelvic region. Alternate between kisses, licking and gentle biting until you discover what she enjoys. A woman's arousal is dependant upon increasing the blood circulation into her pelvic area, so gentle sucking to draw blood into the area will help her to become more aroused.
  3. Explore the folds between her thighs. Do not head straight for her clitoris hidden at the top of the folds of her vulva. Many women have clitorises that are extremely sensitive and will need to be further aroused before you can approach this hidden jewel. Other women will not be sensitive enough to begin with. Continue to alternate between gentle kisses, probing licks, soft sucking motions and gentle nips to the vulva area. You will notice her vagina will begin to leak natural lubricants as she becomes more aroused.
  4. Let your tongue wander into the entrance of her vagina. Near the entrance are sensitive nerve endings you can caress with your tongue to further your goal of her arousal.
  5. Explore her clitoris using the same alternating methods. Spread her labia with your fingers, or she may hold them spread herself. This will provide you with complete access to her clitoris. She should be able to vocalize what technique she prefers though do not hesitate to experiment as you learn her particular likes and dislikes.
  6. Be prepared to stop if it becomes too much for her. Some women may find oral caresses too intense to enjoy. Otherwise, enjoy ride the wave as her body orgasms with your oral caresses. If desired, let her rest a moment and come down off of her high before rebuilding the fires and letting her ride the wave for multiple orgasms.

Learning how to orally caress a vagina is something both you and your partner will continue to explore. If you change partners, it is almost like learning all over again. If you love watching a woman orgasm, you will love having the power to satisfy her orally.

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