How To Order Drinks

Learn about how to order drinks so you get just what you want. When you're out with friends, you want to get what you want to drink so knowing how to order drinks is key to making that happen. In a noisy bar, just being heard can be challenging. To cut down on any misinterpretation, knowing how to order drinks goes a long way.

To order drinks, you will need:

  • Knowledge of drinks
  • Drink guide
  • Knowledge of the bar where you order drinks
  1. Brush up on your knowledge of drinks. Know what is in each drink so you can explain what ingredients are in the drink, if needed.
  2. Say the drink correctly. Always say the liquor that is in the drink first then say the mixer. For example, ask for a "gin and tonic," not a "tonic and gin" or "rum and Coke," not "Coke and rum." Bartenders make drinks this way, pouring the liquor first, so make their job easier by ordering the drink how the bartender will make it.
  3. Get more specific. If you want to order a certain brand of liquor, ask for that first. If you want to order your rum and Coke drink with Captain Morgan's rum, ask for a "Captain Morgan's and Coke."
  4. Explain exactly what you want. If you are particular about what you drink, explain to the bartender or server what you want to be clear that the drink you order is the drink you'll get.
  5. Know what well drinks and call drinks are. Well drinks are made using the cheapest liquor. If you order a "rum and Coke," you will get the cheapest rum that the bar sells. If you want to specify the liquor used in your drink, this is a call drink because you call for the liquor to be used.
  6. Know the beer and wine the bar sells. If you order a draft beer, you will get whatever beer that the bar has on tap. This is the cheapest beer the bar sells. House wine is also the cheapest wine available at the bar. To get a certain brand of beer or wine, specify the brand when you order a drink.



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