How To Order Food In Spanish

It will be helpful to learn how to order food in Spanish, and all it takes is memorizing a few useful phrases. And it would also be helpful if your waiter speaks some pretty good English! Carry a compact Spanish-English dictionary with you to avoid some unpleasant surprises.

It will be useful for you to know some basic phrases and their pronunciations. Here is where you will need to start:

  • Por favor (pour fa-bor) = please
  • Mas (mahs) = more
  • Queria (care- eeh -ah) = I would like
  • Que es esto? (Kay- es- ays– toh)= What is this?
  • Gracias (Grahsee-ahs) = thank you

Here are some likely food items that you will see on your menu:

  • bebidas = drinks
  • entremeses = appetizers
  • primer plato = first course
  • platos principales= main course
  • segundo plato = second course
  • carnes = meats
  • pescados = fish
  • postres= desserts

Now what do you do if you have left the dictionary at home but you are absolutely starved and want to order your meal? No one in the restaurant speaks a word of English. Do what hungry tourists do the world over.

  1. Scout around at what other diners are having.
  2. Use the above phrases to place your order and point to what they are having.
  3. Use lots of hand gestures. This is of course, a universal language and somehow, despite language barriers, seems to work.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that you won't be served roller skates on a platter! Seriously, here's a chance to break out and try something new.

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